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How do I know how much storage space I need in my new Kitchen?

A handy guide to your new kitchen storage....

"The Kitchen design is perfect, I love the colours and the worktop is to die for! I'm so excited to order my new kitchen... I hope all my pots and pans fit in the units, have I got somewhere to store that large wok that won't fit in my current kitchen cupboards? I think so..."

Don't leave it to chance when planning your new kitchen! With the help of The Surrey Kitchen Company's design team you can rest easy knowing your new kitchen will be organization heaven!

1000mm Butler's Pantry Unit

Here are a few of our tips and tricks:

Tip One: Time for a clear out!

You will be surprised how your current kitchen cupboards have turned into Doctor Who's TARDIS filled with all sorts of forgotten items. The vegetable cutter that cuts your cucumber into spirally shapes that was fun when it first come out of the box but was a nightmare to wash up. The toasty maker that only works on one half because it was accidentally swiped off the worktop when the cat decided he didn't like the red light flashing on the side. Let's not even start on the tupperware lids that do not match any of the tupperware boxes, where do they all go? Is there a black hole full of tupperware lids somewhere out there???

Time for it all to go!

We recommend you clear your current kitchen cupboards out entirely, to ensure only items you use are stored in your new kitchen units. Always try to recycle or donate any items that are in an appropriate condition!

We often find our clients are surprised at how much less they now have to worry about storing after the kitchen tidy is complete!

Tip Two: Communication is Key

Once you have received your 3D Images and floor plan, familiarize yourself with what units are included. Our designers will always plan the kitchen to have optimal storage space, however please do communicate what items you need to store in your kitchen so they can make the design unique to your requirements.

For example: If you do not have a utility room or are looking to store the ironing board and cleaning products, our dedicated utility units may be perfect for you.

Utility Unit

Tip Three: Failure to Plan = Plan to Fail

Once you have received your 3D images and floor plan, familiarize yourself with the units that have been included. When reviewing the plan, think back to your kitchen clean out reminding yourself of what now needs to be stored. We are happy to provide printed copies of your 3D images if you do not have access to a printer so you can write on each unit what will be stored there. Working your way round the kitchen until everything has a home from the pots and pans to the washing up liquid and sponges!

Tip Four: Maximise with Mechanisms!

Upgrading your units from shelving with mechanisms make access to your items easier! This ensures you never over buy items that have disappeared to the back of the cupboard never to be seen again, until they're out of date. By essentially, bringing the contents of the cupboard out to the user, they save bad backs too! No more bending down on your hands and knees scrabbling for that tin of soup at the back corner of the cupboard.

Here are a selection of our mechanisms below:

Wall Unit Mechanism

Le Mans Base Unit Corner Mechanism

Magic Eye Base Corner Mechanism

Internal Drawers

Tandem Pull Out Larder

The above are a small selection of the internal mechanisms available in our kitchen units. Chat to a member of our design team today to find out more!

Planning a new kitchen may seem daunting, at The Surrey Kitchen Company we are on hand to ensure your kitchen is unique to you. From the level of storage inside to the aesthetic appeal on the outside, we've got you covered!

Contact us today to start your kitchen journey!


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