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New Product Launch 2022

We are excited to share with you our new kitchen ranges available to order now!

Slimline Painted MDF Door with Inset Handle
Inset Signature Spitfire

Perfectly combining the traditional shaker style kitchen with the modern handle less kitchen the Signature range is now available with the discreet cup handle recessed into the back of the door. Furthermore the slim shaker frame combined with the metal rail creates a bold linear appearance.

The above images showcases one of four new paint colours...Spitfire Blue!


A sophisticated blue/grey to add depth and character to a kitchen. Reminiscent of powerful stormy skies, this shade adds an element of drama to any space.

Botanical Green with Sylvian Oak

Our second new paint colour is Botanical Green. Pictured above combined with our new 100% recycled Sylvian Oak door, creates a calm kitchen reminiscent of nature. Combining textured and painted doors is a great way to add depth to your new kitchen!


A soft muted mossy green that works well with wood tones for a natural, earthy feel. Ideal for those relaxed Scandinavian vibes.

Sovereign Painted Cove Blue

Similar to our Signature door the Sovereign door also provides a harmonious combination of the modern and the traditional with its Slim shaker frame with woodgrain effect. A timeless classic look that will always be in style! Pictured in our third new paint colour, Cove Blue.


A fresh and airy blue for a clean and elegant look. Think cloudless spring skies, or a clear ocean as it sweeps into the bay.

Inset Arctic with Artstone Light

For a modern kitchen that embodies a cool industrial look, match our new Arctic colour with the durability of our new textured Artstone Light door. The variations in shade and texture offer an industrial style and functionality that will stand the test of time, and remain a perfect choice of years to come.

Our final new paint colour ... Arctic


The brightest, purest white with no hint of colour to mar the pristine white surface.

Super Matt Jet with Walnut

From light to dark...Introducing our new Super Matt Jet and Walnut doors! Our Super Matt is already available in Quartz, Cotton, Clay, Flint and Marine. Jet Black has joined the group enabling you to add that drama to your new kitchen.

Stylish, sleek and bold - this striking pairing will create a refined and atmospheric feel. The walnut dark wood adds subtle texture and immense sophistication.

Artstone Dark and Walnut

Take the texture one step further by combining our new walnut door with our new Artstone Dark door! The raw earthiness of concrete colours and effects are synonymous with strength, versatility and modernity. With this pairing, industrial Artstone Dark meets warm Walnut. The result is a particularly cool cosiness, perfect for intimate dining, partying or just hanging out!

Jump onto these new trends now!!!

Has the above taken your fancy? We are extremely excited to start designing with our new products which are not limited to the above! Alongside new paint colours and door styles we also have new handles, internal configurations and worktops to keep our customers spoilt for choice!

Contact us today to start your kitchen journey!


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Mitesh UK
Mitesh UK
Sep 28, 2022

Excellent information, thank you.

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